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Wellbeing with Jane


What is well-being coaching? I see it as a chance to learn skills to enhance our lives. Often we get into ruts and habits that are detrimental to our overall happiness and health.


I want to show you how these can be eliminated or tweaked to enhance our lives and help us on the path to the person we want to be.


I see that overall health can be split into 4 main sections - creativity, nutrition, movement and relaxation. Within each of those areas are opportunities to make small changes that, with consistency, can help towards change.


In 2017 I graduated from The Quest Institute as a master practitioner of cognitive hypnotherapy and have a certificate in NLP.


I use hypnotic language to assist in relaxation which I’m so looking forward to sharing.


If any or, hopefully all, of this sounds interesting to you please get in touch as it would be lovely to hear from you.


I offer a free 10 minute discovery call to talk though how I can help you.


I look forward hearing from you to start this exciting journey together.


Jane x


I can work with you in many different ways. I will make the sessions bespoke for you to fit with your personal needs.


I offer one to one appointments which are for an hour in length & these are held at The Wellbeing Centre. 


Some of the areas I can help you in are :- 

It is so important to find ways to be more creative. This can give your life a more rounded approach even with limited time/finances.
We can explore the different types of creativity you could try.
Working together, we can discover ways that you can fit being creative into your life.

I truly believe that we are all creative we just have to find our own style.

I can show you how food choices have impact on physical and mental health
Explore plant points and how this can be introduced into everyday living.

Nutrition not only affects our physical health but has an enormous impact on our mental health. Who knew that what we eat can help with such debilitating conditions such as depression? 


I am a trained chef and am looking forward to sharing recipes and nutritional information with you that are easy and cheap to implement.


I also trained as a Pilates teacher and have been using this amazing body movement exercise for the last ten years. I can show you simple exercises to improve posture and relieve the impact of sedentary lifestyles.
Body movement
Benefits of Pilates, strength training, steps, balance
Sitting Pilates stretches for desk dwellers!

Benefits of breathing, meditation & sleep
Word weaving 



Ways I can help you improve your Wellbeing 


I offer a free 10 minute discovery call to talk though
how I can help you.


Or call 07898 673686

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