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Reiki Wellbeing with Clair


Tel: 07402 171763


Hello, I’m Clair your Reiki Practitioner. 


I have trained and qualified in 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki and as a result I’m a registered practitioner with the UK Reiki Federation.  I was drawn to Reiki energy healing two and a half years ago having spent a number of years exploring other alternative therapies to help with the stresses of modern-day life. 


It’s effect on my life has been uplifting and replenishing.  It’s my greatest wish that you too can experience the wonderful physical and emotional benefits of Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that works on the body’s bio-energy field, allowing energy blocks to release from the body and mind restoring balance and clarity, calming the mind.  Wellbeing wants to flow! It’s natural, endless and continual.

Reiki is a wonderful, gentle and natural therapy perfect if you are:

  • feeling a bit run down, depleted or tired, through the stress of daily life.

  • If you just want to slow down and reconnect with your inner wellbeing

  • You are feeling fragile or out of balance with life

Reiki is also a perfect experience for those just wanting to maintain their energy levels.


About your appointment 


Each session is 60 minutes and starts with a 5-10 minute consultation so I can assess your needs and set an intention specific to you and your treatment. I treat intuitively so each session is bespoke. 

During a Reiki session you will lay down fully clothed on the Reiki bed, whilst I lightly place my hands over specific energy points on or over the body. 


You can expect to experience a gentle release of any tension you may be holding in the body and feel deeply rested and replenished, allowing your nervous system to regulate itself. 


This can be an immediate effect or in some cases it can manifest following a great nights sleep and you find yourself waking with a weight lifted from your shoulders.

Give yourself the gift of being held, supported, cocooned and filled up with Reiki energy.

Health investment of £38 for one hour of Reiki energy therapy.

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