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Hello! My name is Jenny and I am a Speech and Language Therapist.

Over the last twelve years I have had the absolute privilege of working alongside many school aged children, young adults and their families in mainstream and specialist schools, colleges and beyond as part of NHS, school and independent services in and around Oxfordshire, Bucks and Northants.

I take a friendly and functional approach to therapy.


I love to help young people of all ages find strategies to navigate the social and academic world around them so they can develop their language and communication skills for now and their whole lives.

I am offering appointments at The Wellbeing Centre in Brackley or if you would like something more, I provide home and school visits, as well as online sessions.

Please feel free to contact me to have a chat 


Language is an important tool in managing how we feel in different situations and talking about how we are feeling with other people?

This video explains more about how language is important for mental health & booking an appointment with us will help.

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All Videos

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To find out more how I can help you, please click below to email me 

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