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Mindset & Marketing Workshop 


This is a 4 hour, hands on masterclass to help feel more in control of your mindset and market your business with ease

It is being presented by
Camilla Smith of Human Edge Marketing and 
Donna Jones Psychotherapist & Founder of The Wellbeing Centre.
Saturday 28th May 2022
10am to 2.30pm

£95 per person including a light lunch and refreshments 

Some of the things we will cover are :- 

Showing up on Social Media

Establishing your Marketing Goals

Your Instagram Profile,Stories & Reels

Challenging those Limiting Beliefs

Quietening your Inner Critic

Build Confidence & Self Esteem

Questions and Answer session

Plus lots more .......

It is being held at 
The Wellbeing Centre
Croft Lodge 
39 High Street 
NN13 7BW
£95 per person places must be paid for in advance 



My soul purpose is to help my clients feel empowered, confident, and to really OWN their marketing and how they talk.

The biggest kick for me is seeing the penny drop for them as everything clicks into place, cheering as they go from hiding away to showing up for their communities online – pushing their business forward to the next level.




I trained many years ago as Psychotherapist as I believe we should all have the chance to live our best lives. It is always a privilege to help clients work through their issues & problems.

  One of my favourite quotes is 

" Your mind can be a controlling master or a faithful servant" 

Our thoughts can control us so much and part of my Job is to help you feel back in charge 

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