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Being Self-employed and maintaining your mental health

I have been self-employed on & off for about 16 years and it can be quite a rollercoaster.

It can be sometimes stressful along with the unpredictable financial worries. There are many wants & needs placed on you along with having to wear many different hats plus to add to the fun there are often a great deal of behind the scenes stuff that you do not get paid for.

But despite that I love the freedom & flexibility of being my own boss. There are so many positives for being Self-employed & I really enjoy the challenges that it can bring. I am often pushed out of my comfort zone which is a good thing. Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way J

Being self-employed though can mean we do not have set hours. We can find it hard to ‘clock off’ as there always seems something to be done. Finding time for your own self care is vital. Without it we will burn ourselves out & become resentful, unhappy & not feel motivated to run our businesses.

Some things you could try to help increase your daily self-care are:-

· Try to take regular breaks, even 5 minutes here and there can massively help

· Delegate if you can or outsource certain jobs to decrease your workload

· Work on your Boundaries – its ok to say no to things

· Book in to see a therapist to help with your stress levels

· Reach out to family/friends – being self-employed can be a lonely job

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